The first seminar of the year 2006
By Alfonso Escajadillo

From January 27th to 29th of 2006, our first Aikido seminar in Mexico was held, with Juba Nour Sensei from Aikido of Manhattan and Fernando Roman Sensei from our organization Mexico Aikido. Three students from Juba Sensei came with him, Lissa Philosoph, Edison Lopez y Carlos Galvan, who is a former student of our professor in Mexico.

Carlos Galvan was the contact that made this seminar possible. Three months before, in October 2005, Carlos got in contact with Fernando Sensei, to said hello and to propose a shared seminar in Mexico with his current professor. As always, Fernando Sensei was open to the proposals and he said that Juba Sensei with all the students that wanted to came with him would be welcomed in Mexico Aikido, Hi would be made the necessary arrengements to received them on January 2006.

At the Mexico city airport, from left to right,
Fernando Sensei, Edison Lopez, Juba Nour Sensei, Lissa Philosoph and Carlos Galván

In Mexico Aikido Dojo, Juba Sensei and Fernando Sensei

Juba Nour Sensei is the Director and chief instuctor of Aikido of Manhattan, he studied Aikido as Uchi-deshi of Kasuo Chiba Sensei, 8th Dan, in 1983. After four years learning with K. Chiba Sensei, Juba Sensei studied in Tokyo, Japan, under the teachings of the late Kishomaru Ueshiba Sensei.

Juba Sensei recently get the Shihan grade and have been practicing Aikido for more than 20 years. His first dojo was established in New Heaven, Connecticut (Connecticut Aikikai), now it is directed by Mike Sidebottom Sensei, 4th. Dan. Juba Sensei also have taught in Europe in several seminars. He established Aikido of Manhattan in 1995.

shomen uchi
Shomen Uchi

Tobu Ukemi

Kokyu Ho

The first day, on friday 27th , Juba Sensei start the seminar with an open class of two hours for all the levels. After Misogui, we practiced basic movements at the Juba Sensei way. We began with Shomen uchi, main movements and rollings at the front and at the back. Later we continue with Kokyu ho, ikkyo, irimi nage and other techniques, it was a class in wich all of us finished very tired, but also very happy with the intense practice.

irimi nage
Juba Sensei in Irimi Nage

Fernando Sensei showing Nikkyo

The second and third seminar day, the classes were divided into beginners, intermediatte and advanced, so all the participants could practice with the enough space for learning well and enjoy the teachings. Fernando Sensei instructed his teachings in two classes, however, tha main idea was that the Mexico Aikido students could experienced of Juba Sensei technique and learned with him, so Juba Sensei was agree to gave us more time of his teachings, in total there were 8 hours of effective practice.

Juba Sensei explaining to Alfredo Leon

Edison from Aikido of Manhattan with
Edgar Salinas form Mexico Aikido

Explaining Ikkyo for Ushiro ryo te dori

Lissa Philosoph with Fernando Sensei

Practicing of Ikkyo

All attend the instruction of Sensei

The last day of the seminar we had the chance to know more about Juba Sensei, because Fernando Sensei told us that meanwhile he was gaving the class, maybe an interview with Juba Sensei could be made. Like all the seminar, Juba Sensei was very kind and humble, so he agreed to answered some questions. Click here to read the interview .

Some of the students at the end of an intermediatte class

In a rest in the Dojo

A meal with relatives and friends of Carlos

Thank you very much to Carlos for his help to made this seminar

Thanks to Sensei for his time and teachings.

In this seminar as many other in Mexico Aikido, the Sensei guest, did not received any monetary refund for his teachings, Sensei only came to knew Mexico, to knew us as Aikido group and to share his knowledge and experiences, the seminar then was held with a mutual spirit of cooperation, with sincere friendship and truly Aikido spirit.
Thanks a lot to Carlos for his support, to Juba Nour Sensei to consent to this kind of interchange, to the students that travel with Sensei and to all the Mexico Aikido students that participate, also to the students of other Aikido groups, to Fernando Sensei for gave us another chance in Mexico Aikido for learn another Aikido style and an excellent professor.