From June 21st to July 10th 2006

Fernando Sensei, Gerardo Sanchez and
Benjamin, receiving the exposition.

The exposition of rivers and water is already located in the cultural center of the Japan embassy in Mexico City; originally made in an especial form by researchers of the rivers and water found restoration. This was exhibited for March 17th to 21st of 2006 in the space dedicated to Japan in the IV WORLD WATER FORUM, in which Mexico was the host for almost 30 countries, held in the “centro de convenciones Banamex” (conferences and events center of Banamex) in Mexico city.

In that forum, the Japan prince Naruhito was one of the distinguished visitors.

Some expositors of the forum
Naruhito prince

This exposition, have been showed in different places, not only in the IV world water forum.
In the Cultural house of the city of Oaxaca in May
In the architectural gallery of the “Universidad Iberoamericana”
In the cultural center of the Japan embassy in June.

Fernando Sensei from AHAN Mexico Aikido, receive this exposition from the hands of the M.A. Gerardo Sánchez of the “Universidad Iberoamericana”, he opt to leave it three weeks mores in the same place, with the intention that in the future conferences of candidates to scholarships to Japan in that Cultural center, and also to the visitors that want, can see it and appreciate it. The idea is that the conscience of the care to the vital liquid could continue grow up. We invite you to visit the exposition, just got to go to the cultural center, in “Reforma” avenue 295. Entrance free.

Push here to receive some advices of what can be done in your home to take care for the water.

Sensei Fernando Roman and M.A. Gerardo Sanchez

Thanks to the M.A. Gerardo Sanchez for the enormous activity that we know he had done to maintain and exhibit the exposition in different places and to consider Mexico Aikido beneficiary of it. We ensure him that we will use it in the best possible way, because we know about the responsibility that we have for receive it. Then we will look for exhibit it in different places, to make sure that more people visit it, we will collaborate according with our possibilities, as the objective of the IV world water forum.

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To finish, we are thankful for the collaboration of the M. Maria Solis, who gave us all the support to make this exposition in the cultural center of the Japan embassy. We thank her in advance for the support to spread the Mexico Aikido activities, because in the future, in the same cultural center, in accordance by an invitation made it by herself, we will giving an Aikido demonstration.
Soon we will give details.